Hand And Wrist

Your hands and wrists are essential tools that allow you to work, play and perform everyday activities.  How well the hand and wrist interact depends on the integrity and function of the ligaments, tendons, muscles, joints, and bones. Problems in any of these can affect upper extremity function, causing disruptions at home and work and negatively impacting quality of life.

The human hand itself is very complex and fragile in structure. Hand surgery requires a completely different surgical approach from a qualified hand and wrist surgeon whether treating fractures, arthritis or deformities. Hand surgery traditionally includes treatment of the entire hand, wrist, and forearm.  Because it works as a single unit the dysfunction of a single part needs consideration of the whole.

Our Hand & Wrist Unit takes a multi-disciplinary cooperative approach to treat and diagnose injuries and conditions affecting the hand and wrist. You’ll have access to world-class consultant orthopedic and surgeons, a specialist in hand therapy, chartered physiotherapists and onsite diagnostic imaging with reporting from specialists in radiology. Several Orthopaedic Surgeons also hold sub-specialities specifically for hand conditions and treatments.