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Committed To Orthopedic Excellence

We ensure a brighter and healthy future for our patients
Gwinnett Orthopaedics medical care, an educational and research center established purposely to improve population and individual health who reside deprived communities and other parts of the community.

Our team of  surgeons, nutritionist, doctors, nurses, advanced care providers, and researchers provide support in the field of medicine and advance orthopedic services in all communities it is situated. We have complex, effective and efficient medical resources and equipment  that contributes to the success stories of our organization. Similarly, that is to say that, at Gwinnett Orthopedics Medical Center we offer patients a comfortable, convenient and equal access to specialized treatments and other advanced medical services to ameliorate their health and overall well being.  

Dr. Michael Martinez


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Highly Trained Surgeons

We have in our possession highly specialized and trained surgeons and health professionals to assist you make the right medical care choices.

Advance Treatment

We have advance resources and treatment facilities that helps you get back to your normal day-to-day activities.

Guaranteed Results

You are assured of the medical results that you expect. This is because we have the best doctors and surgeons.

Modern Tech & Equipment

Our multi-disciplinary approach includes the use of modern medical technologies and equipment that have been tested, approved and rated as the best.

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Reviews From Our Happy Patients

Creating Vibrant Smiles For Healthy Lifestyles!
Jason MacCarthy, Atlanta

“For mountain climbing, it is required that you need strong elbows and limbs. Fortunately, after I had a car accident, it was impossible for me to go climbing until i encountered Gwinnett Orthopaedics. The team effort led to a rapid restoration and I am continually indebted to the organization !”

Beatrice, Tucker

“I have been to several hospitals and have undergone numerous orthopedic procedures to take away this back pain. But meeting with the orthopedic surgeon in Gwinnett Orthopedics healthcare saved my career. The required surgery undertaken was successful. Today, I have joined my colleagues ones again to achieve all our organization’s goals !”

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